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Bale Family Ancestry of New York and New Jersey.

Our family ancestry of the past, a family ancestry tree that's not just for myself and family, but for all the family tree member's from New York, New Jersey and around the world.

Many hours looking into my family ancestry of England, Scotland, Germany, Austria, New Jersey and New York.

bale family treeThe past few years I've searched many hours looking into my family ancestry and where we come from. Of course I know our last name is Bale, or was it Bale at all? As it turns out, our last name started out as Ball. I've hit a research brick wall with my 6th great grandfather Anthony Ball born around 1715 in England, mostaustin family new york likely in Devon, England. His son Henry Ball was born 1738 in Barnstaple, Devon, England. My grandfather never had the time to really know his mother, Ella Brown or her family ancestry, she died when he was just 9 years old in Brooklyn, New York in December 1918. After more than a year of searching for my great grandmother Ella Brown's family tree, we found a marriage date for her and my great grandfather James H. Bale, this date was January 3, 1906. With this new information, an Aunt with whom I work at the family tree with, sent a request for a marriage certificate at the New York Vital Statistic website and just after a week we got some great information on Ella Brown's father's name Henry Brown and her mother's name, Lydia Austin. I haven't found much luck with my family tree of Henry Brown just yet, other then he was born around 1847 in New Jersey or New York and died in 1904. He's buried in Amityville, Long Island, New York next to Lydia Austin Brown.

The first families of New Amsterdam, Brooklyn, New York.

As for the family ancestry of Lydia Austin, we found some great information on her fathers family and much more. We found her grandfather was in the War of 1812 and her great grandfather Stephen Austin, born 1766, married Marya Brinkerhoff. My family ancestry of the Brinkerhoff family arrived in the new world, New Amsterdam around 1640. The ancestry of the Brinkerhoff family also married into the Rapalje, the Rapalje family arrived in 1623 in Fort Orange, which is now Albany, New York, the Stryker family arrived in 1652 Brooklyn and then the Vanderbilt family, which are just a few of the first families to arrive in New Amsterdam, what of course is now New York.

The American Revolution in 1776 in New York.

During the American Revolution in 1776 we had many great uncles' and cousins in New York that were officers and privates alike. Our founding father General George Washington and first President of the United States of America was a friend and frequent guest at our first cousin nine times removed, Colonel John Brinkerhoff's home in Long Island during the American Revolution war.

Surnames and trees from fathers family ancestry:

Austin - Bale - Ball - Bendle - Brinkerhoff - Davey - Dubbels - Haentzschel - Hoffmann - Johnson - Rapalje - Stryker - Tucker  Vanderbilt - VanDerVlietMuelenaer - Yeo - Galliford - Treble - Fraine - Brown - Copp - Palmer - Kimp - Folland - Budd - Quince Blackmore - Nott - Martyne - Webber - Reed - StormMontfoort - Springsteen - DePlancken - Crom - Knelese - Trico   Seubering  - Sauvagie - Hendricks - Lucasdochter

Surnames and trees from mothers family ancestry:

BoydAlston - Stevenson - Somerville - Blue - Sinclair - Rodger - Patton - Lawrie - Graham - Hind - Nicoll - Bell - Scott - Houston Mclew - Rae - Bannantyne - McClureMckie - MciLroy - Hamilton - Wallace - Bennett - Robertson - Young - Gibson - Wagner  Niclaus - Niklauk - Scheidel - Friedel - Storry - Gemmel - Stirling - RankinMarshell - GrayOre - Pairman - Mcindoe - Martin Carmichael - Colthart - MciLroy

      Henry Ball 1873
    Henry Ball 1815     Born: Swimbridge, Devon, England
         Born: Swimbridge, Devon, England Mary Galliford
  James Bale 1848    
      Born: Devon, England    
    Mary Davey  
       Born: Devon, England    
James H. Bale 1875      
    Born: London, England     William Treble
    John Treble      
        Born: Devon, England Mary
  Ellen Treble    
      Born: Devon, England   Thomas Fraine
    Anne Fraine  
        Born: Devon, England Elizabeth Kimp
  Edward James Bale 
    Married :       
    Gertrude Haentzschel      
  Henry Brown 1847    
      Born: New York or New Jersey    
Ella Brown 1877      
    Born: Amityville, Long Island, New York     Stephen Austin 1796
    Thomas Austin 1818     Born: Long Island, New York
        Born: Long Island, New York Hannah Tucker 1797
  Lydia Austin 1855   
        Born: Long Island, New York    
    Lucy Johnson 1823  
    *Last name might be Halse  



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10th Great Grandfather
1615 - 1697

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